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Don’t Allow Twitter to Distract You

President Trump is very capable of “distraction politics,” as I have discussed before. President Trump’s latest, racist, twitter tiraid is just that, a distaction.

What could he be trying to distract us from? My first thought is ICE. He wants to distract us from the media reports of the ICE detention centers and he wants to bury the reports of ICE deportation raids. The President is doing this in two fold, one he is using his own history of assuming people of color are not from this country to create a story, and then continuing to call these women “Anti-American.” He wants to rile up his base that usually only listens to media that supports him, in order to bury stories that he doesn’t want the news to focus on.

The president has done this before. He tells the media to look somewhere else; why else three years later is he still talking about Hillary (you won, she lost)? He knows how to rile people up, keep his name in the media, and not allow the internet to focus on real issues. We cannot let him do this. No matter how much my liberal heart wants to yell and scream at the computer I know that I have to keep my eyes on the real story, and hope that in a year and a half that President Trump will be former President Trump, an old man yelling at a cloud.

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