Democratic Candidate’s Positions on Gun Control (Bennet, Biden, de Blasio, and Booker)

The Sexy Politico knows that there are some issues that are more important to voters than others. Gun control is important to me and that is why I am starting here. What topic would you like me to look into? Let me know in the comments here on on our twitter or facebook pages.

Michael Bennet: Bennet is a currently serving Senator from Colorado so we have his voting record we can look at for starters.

  • He voted yes on banning high capacity magazines (over 10 bullets)
  • Voted yes on allowing weapons in checked baggage on Amtrak trains
  • Voted yes to close the gun show loophole.
  • Opuses the restriction to the right to bare arms.
  • Rated as C+ by the NRA

Joe Biden: Biden was Vice President during the Obama administration and a former Senator. So we have both public statements and a voting record we can look at.

  • Biden has publicly stated he supports gun control and felt that it is our “moral obligation” to diminish gun violence.
  • He has stated that we should keep the assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole.
  • Voted no on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers
  • Voted no on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence
  • Voted yes on background checks at gun shows
  • Voted no on more penalties for gun & drug violations.
  • Voted no on loosening license & background checks at gun shows.
  • Voted no on loosening license & background checks at gun shows.
  • Rated F by the NRA

Bill de Blasio: As mayor of New York City de Blasio doesn’t have a large voting record to look at.

  • De Blasio has been a strong advocate for gun control on the state level.
  • He has pushed for industry wide standards on gun control including micro-stamping
  • De Blasio launched “Wall Street for Change” leading an effort to divest public pensions from dangerous weapons manufacturing.

Cory Booker: Booker is a former Mayor of Newark, New Jersey and currently serving Senator from New Jersey, so we both have a voting record for Booker and his statements made while he was Mayor.

  • Booker co-sponcered a bill that would prevent suspected terrorists from being able to buy weapons
  • Booker helped create a tip line in New Jersey that paid a person $1,000 dollars for tips that lead to illegal weapons
  • As mayor he stood for “common sense gun reform at day one.”
  • He wanted more background checks and gun trace data
  • Booker has stated that criminal gun runners shouldn’t have second amendment rights
  • Booker has also stated that it is insane to carry concealed loaded weapons across state lines
  • Booker was a part of Coalition “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”; Keep state laws.

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