Democratic Candidate’s Positions on Gun Control (Bullock, Buttigieg, Castro, and Delaney)

The Sexy Politico knows that there are some issues that are more important to voters than others. Gun control is important to me and that is why I am starting here. What topic would you like me to look into? Let me know in the comments here on our twitter or facebook pages.

Steve Bullock: Bullock is the current Governor of Montana. He is also the former lieutenant governor of Montana. He doesn’t have a voting record but he does have public statements we can look at.

  • Believes that legal firearm owners just want to keep their families safe
  • Supports background checks and age restrictions
  • Believes in the Second Amendment, but no guns in the wrong hands
  • Wants to keep forever access to hunting and fishing
start at around the 8-minute mark for his take on guns

Pete Buttigieg: Buttigieg is the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. So while he doesn’t have a voting record yet he does have public statements

  • Buttigieg is for universal background checks and gun control
  • He installed ShotSpotter technology: identify the source of gunfire

Julian Castro: Castro was in President Obama’s Cabinet as Housing and Urban Development Secretary (2014-2017). He was also mayor of San Antonio from 2009-2014. Castro has no voting record to look at.

  • Castro believes in universal background checks, those spouse abusers shouldn’t be able to get a weapon and to limit the capacity of magazines.
  • Wants to ensure background checks and waiting periods are enforced at gun shows
  • Supported a ban on “assault weapons”

John Delaney: Delaney was a member of the US House of Representatives from 2013-2019 from Maryland’s 6th district.

  • Delaney has stated he supports restrictions on gun purchases.
  • Supports universal background checks
  • Limiting “military style” assault weapons
  • Expanding “red flag” laws similar to the ones in Maryland

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