Katie Hill’s Resignation

Katie Hill official portrait

Katie Hill was the former Congressional Representative from California. She resigned after nude photos of herself and a female worker on her campaign were leaked. Hill is the first openly bisexual member of Congress. She believes that her estranged and “abusive” husband (whom she is currently divorcing) is behind the leak.

Hill has admitted to the relationship with her female staffer and apologized for it. She has been accused of having an improper relationship with a male staffer in DC, which is against House Ethics rules and an investigation was about to be opened because of this.

There are so many different things we can discuss here. We can discuss how male politicians have been able to keep their careers after doing much worse. We can discuss the possible revenge porn. We can discuss how the Democratic party in the #MeToo/ post-Trump election era try to be holier than the Republican party and skirt any possible scandal.

This story was put out there to titillate and to scare. Men and women live their lives on their phones and online, and it is quite common to send explicit photos to your partner. What is illegal is to distribute those photos without the consent of the person who is in the compromised situation. What has been done to Representative Hill is illegal, and she chose to leave because she didn’t want the new cycle to be clogged with anything about her.

What we had discussed about President Trump before is he likes to use distraction when things are not going his way. He will announce something controversial or do something shocking to get the media talking about that rather than the thing that he doesn’t want the American people to be paying attention to. RedState online is a conservative publication that is an avid Trump supporter. It seems interesting that during Impeachment proceedings that this information comes to light.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hill was asked to resign in order to keep the new cycle clear of information about her and keep it focused on the President and his Impeachment proceedings. Hill had to leave before she could clear her name in order to keep everything focused on Trump. That is a sad state we live in.

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