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Trump Impeached

President Trump has been Impeached. At 8:30 the House of Representatives passed the first Article of Impeachment, Abuse of Power. The vote was 230 for impeachment 197 against. Democratic Representative and current candidate for president Tulsi Gabbard voted present.

This vote has made Donald Trump the third president to be impeached in the United State’s History and the second president impeached in 25 years.

Currently, the President is holding a campaign rally in Michigan.

Around 8:45 the House Voted and Passed the Second Article of Impeachment, Obstruction of Congress. The vote was 229 for 198 against and 1 present. The vote was mostly along party lines with all Republicans voting against impeachment in both votes.

After the House of Representatives delivers this Impeachment to the Senate, their job is finished and it is up to them to either remove him from office or acquit him.

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