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Air Strikes? Why?

A drone strike at a Baghdad airport killed an Iranian General named Qasem Soleimani. The United States ordered this strike. According to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, these strikes stopped an “imminent attack” on the lives of Americans who live in the region. The American embassy in Iraq has issued a warning to all Americans in the region to leave Iraq. “Due to Iranian-backed militia attacks at the U.S. Embassy compound, all public consular operations are suspended until further notice.  U.S. citizens should not approach the Embassy.”

My parents were both in the military and I know that national security is real, and the media doesn’t have all of the information about possible terror threats. So I am going to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt about these “imminent attacks” and do some research about Soleimani and the “Iranian’back militia attacks on the U.S. Embassy compound.”

Who was Qasem Soliemani? According to his Wikipedia page, he was a Major General in the Islamic Revolutionary Gaurd Corps and commander of Quds Force. The Quds Force is a part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps that is in charge of “unconventional warfare.” Soliemani has been a part of nearly every Iranian conflict since the Iranian revolution. American bombs killed Soliemani along with four members of Popular Mobilization Forces or (PMF). Included in the PMF deaths was the head of PMF Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. This airstrike was in response to the December 31st attack of the Baghdad Embassy by Iran back Iraqi Shia militia.

Multiple sources have stated the Soliemani issued the order for the attack on the Baghdad Embassy as retaliation for US airstrikes on December 29th. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vows for “harsh revenge” for the death of Soliemani.

Democrats want an explanation for this death, while most Republicans are hailing this as a victory. An absolute fact is that these airstrikes will increase tensions in the region. Thes airstrikes could increase radicalization. Iran will retaliate for the assassination of its general. I would like to know why we are doing this? Why did we assassinate a high profile official? I have more questions, and I know that I won’t have answers for a while. I just hope that the president isn’t looking to start a war to make Democrats look bad for impeaching him.

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