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Dear Vanessa

Dear Vanessa,

I know you do don’t know me and I don’t know you but I would like to apologise for the social internet. In this time of great loss, I hope like hell you haven’t been on the internet. While some of the world has been praising all of the accomplishments of your husband Kolbe, the other part has decided that now is the perfect time to question your husband’s past bad acts. I am not here to excuse anything he has done.

Since 2004 Kolbe Bryant has continued his life. He broke records, opened the Mamba Sports Academy and has raised his family. The world has changed since the #METOO movement and the world is different.

You have every right to be grieving the loss of your husband. I hope you aren’t on the internet. I hope you aren’t reading this letter. I hope you are with your girls and loving them, and allowing them to grieve the loss of their father and sister without reading about their father’s past bad acts.

People have the right to analyze your husband’s legacy: the good, the bad and the ugly, but not today. Not while actual humans are grieving. I learned while studying history at University that it is difficult to analyze any bit of history that involves people who are still alive, so anyone who is trying to analyze your husband’s whole life while you, your children, or anyone involved with his life or career is still alive do not have the full story.

God Bless you and your girls.

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