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Following the News is Difficult Right Now

For a website called The Sexy Politico, there hasn’t been much news about Washington DC politics, and that is because following the news is hard right now.

We are living in a global pandemic, and reading about the stupid and childish actions of the president or members of Congress does nothing more than fill me with rage. The only politician I follow on a regular basis is my state’s governor because it feels as though the governors are the only ones who are getting things done for people on a day to day level.

This morning’s headlines are the President and doctors arguing over either or not the American people should take an unproven drug combination to combat the coronavirus. This unproven drug combination has already killed at least one other person and hospitalized another couple.

I had deactivated my Facebook at the beginning on the crisis, but this week I decided to reactivate it. My time line is filled with recipes, memes, cute kid and animal pictures and people doing what they can to help their neighbors. Maybe the world isn’t hopeless, but it is easier for me to find the negative in a situation than the positive. I know it isn’t realistic, but limiting the amount of negative I allow in my house is keeping me and my family stronger.

Who knows how long this will last. Sunday was Palm Sunday and we couldn’t celebrate in the usual way. My parents sent my son his Easter Basket this year because even a one year old needs some joy in this time. Easter is a season of renewal, and growth. Renewal of family ties? Renewal of nature? Who knows? But we aren’t going to learn about it by paying attention to our childish government officials.

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