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Learning to Play Mario Kart in Quarantine

During this time at home, I have made it a goal to read more and to become an expert at Mario Kart on the Switch. I will be doing this in between taking care of my husband and son.

Three weeks ago Governor Larry Hogan issued a stay at home order for my family for the state of Maryland. My family have pretty much been inside since around the 16th or 17th when the schools were closed. During this time the social internet has been a mix of infuriating and hilarious.

One may ask, why Mario Kart? At least once a year my husband gets together with his siblings and they play Mario Kart against each other. They call it “The ShyGuy Cup,” and I don’t participate because, well, I suck at Mario Kart. I have never won a round of Mario Kart. Not even on 50 cc against my little brother 15 years ago on the N64. I have never been able to master the controls. It has felt like the boys are always better than me, so why even try.

But I don’t want to miss out anymore. So I am going to master Mario Kart on the Switch. Last week I began my quest during nap time. I am currently running the Grand Prix series at 50 cc. My goal is to get 3 stars in all of them and then move up until I have completed all the series.

So far, I have developed a severe hatred for Donkey Kong, and a love for that plastic piece you can put your little controller stick thingies into. Since my son is nearly two, I get about 45 minutes to myself after I eat my lunch, so I can run one Grand Prix a day. I have gotten 3 stars on the first three at 50 cc, and am working on my fourth, but those courses are harder. I will continue to update you on my Mario Kart journey, and hopefully, I will beat my husband by the end of quarantine.

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