Not All Gummies are the Same

I am the mother of a 22 month old who loves gummy snacks. His grandmothers know this, and they send him different gummy fruit snacks all the time. Because they send him different ones all the time, I have developed opinions on gummy fruit snack

As my family has tried these different treats and we have found our own way of ranking them based off of taste, stickiness, denseness, and overall experience. Each category will be ranked from 1–10 with 1 being the least of what it is and 10 being the most.

Pokemon gummies.

Taste: 7. They are all right but there are better

Stickiness: 6. Different color gummies will have different tackiness.

Denseness: 4. These aren’t the hardest gummies I have had but they aren’t the softest either.

Overall experience: 6. They are pretty alright, nothing special.

Toy Story Gummies

Taste: 6. But if you like more citrus flavored gummies you may rank them higher. I look for a fruitier flavor to my gummies.

Stickiness: 7. These are pretty sticky.

Denseness: 2. They are pretty soft, although because of the stickiness they are more likely to get stuck in your teeth.

Overall experience: 5. I am not a huge fan of the citrus flavor but I don’t hate them either.

Jurassic Park Gummies

Taste: 9.5. I think these taste great.

Stickiness: 10. These are ridiculously sticky (more tacky then sticky maybe)

Denseness: 9. These are sticky and dense, but they haven’t gotten stuck in my teeth.

Overall experience: 8. I place a high value on taste and I really love how these taste.

Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Taste: 10 out of 10 they are awesome

Stickiness: 0. They aren’t sticky at all.

Denseness: 1. Except for the purple ones which are a 7

Overall experience: 10. These are awesome

My almost two year old love all of them except for the Jurassic park ones, he does not like the feeling of sticky/tacky.

I hope that this list will help someone in their gummy snack buying decisions.

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