My Newest Hobby: Cross-Stitch

cross stitch

A couple of weeks ago my cousin posted some cross-stitch that she did on Facebook. I thought that they looked cool, but I had always been afraid to do delicate artistic stuff because I have an essential tremor. Basically, my hands shake and there isn’t a good reason for it. For the first time ever I talked to a medical professional about this and she prescribed a beta-blocker for it. I will admit I have been spilling less on the counter.

Quarantine is making me anxious. While I am a stay at home mother and always busy, those moments where my son is playing with his trains or dinosaurs are now, even more, being replaced with constant scrolling on Facebook and Twitter, to the detriment of my mental health. So I have taken up cross-stitch.

The hardest part for me has been separating the thread. I do not understand why they just don’t give you the thread separated. It is so tedious, but I did it, probably not perfect, but I did it.

So readers here is my first cross-stitch. I picked a pattern that said “easy” to give myself the highest chance of success. And yes I am very proud of myself, and I can’t wait to figure out where we will hang it up in our house.

My mom was so happy for me she sent me a couple of other patterns for me to try since it’s difficult to get cross stitch patterns here.

This is my next pattern. It’s more complicated than the first one, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I have finally gotten the yellow thread separated. I even ordered a couple of new cross-stitch patterns on Amazon. I wonder what my walls will be covered with at the end of quarantine.

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