Pence vs Biden

pence at cpas conference

The political arena can change dramatically in just a few months. Since 1945 three presidents have left office before their term was up. Other presidents have been temporarily unable to perform the duties of the office due to hospitalization. Given the recklessness of this president, it is conceivable that he could be unable to stand for re-election. It begs the question what a Pence vs Biden election would look like.

We can pray for the success and good health of the president, but on both counts, he is his own worst enemy.

Mike Pence would certainly become the Republican Party standard-bearer in the event of Donald Trump being politically – or otherwise- incapacitated for the November 2020 election. As of right now, the election would be Pence vs Biden.

Would Vice President/Acting President/President Mike Pence be able to capture the support of those hardcore reactionary Trump fanatics who want to ‘burn the house down’?

And looking forward in time, who would become the ‘next Trump’? What would a Pence vs Biden election look like.

No doubt there are other reactionary authoritarians watching Trump and learning from his self inflicted mistakes.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Gage Skidmore for the image. See more of Gage Skidmore’s art here.

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