Pay Attention to Downticket Races

Downticket races are becoming more important than ever in this era of politics. Since President Trump has given most of the administrative duties of the COVID-19 Pandemic to the states, if you do not like how your state has been handling this pandemic you need to look at who is running the show.

I am not a Republican, but Governor Hogan has done a fantastic job for my state and I wish I could vote for him in 2020, but there are term limits in Maryland. President Trump is trying to push any blame for mishandling of the pandemic away from him and on to the states, and in turn, it is more important to know who is in charge in your state and county.

If you are interested in getting involved call their office. Many of these offices are looking for people to knock on doors, phone bank, and in general collect people to vote.

Just because you are not happy with the Democratic Nominee for President doesn’t mean the 2020 election does not matter. It matters even more. Your school board is deciding how education will be handled during this pandemic and where funds will be allocated to. Your sheriff is very important where it comes to policing. Judges are elected positions in some states. These elections matter and your voice deserve to be heard.

Your state will have a list of candidates on its election website. Look them up and see what they are about. Volunteer or donate if you have the time or money, and if you have extra money donate out of state to people that are important to you.

The president’s actions have made these elections critical nationwide. Please pay attention and vote.

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