The Federal Election is Soon

Federal Elections are soon, and they will seem to come faster if you are voting by mail. Most people probably know who they will be voting for president, but don’t forget about the other offices you should be paying attention to. Every member of the House of Representatives is up for reelection, and one-third of the Senate is up for election.

As a voter what should you be doing to prepare? Check your registration. Make sure you are registered. There are states that have been purging their voter rolls. It is very easy to check your registration status. Vote.org is an excellent resource, but it doesn’t have your voter’s information if you have recently moved or are homeless. Your state’s voter’s information website will have the most up to date information. Search “your state” and voter registration and follow the prompts on the screen.

Once you are sure you are registered to vote it’s important to learn who is running for office in your area. Your state’s election will have the most up to date information about candidates and ballot initiatives for you to research. With Google, it becomes much easier to research your candidates and ballot initiatives.

Once you know who is running and what you are voting on, you need to figure out how you are voting. Will you vote in person or by mail. If you are voting in person your state’s election website will tell you where your voting location is. Your voting location may have changed from the previous year, so you should check. If you are voting by mail you need to find out if you will need to register for an absentee ballot or if you will receive a ballot in the mail. Make sure if you are voting by mail to have your ballot in the mail at least two weeks in advance. That means your election day is October 20th. This allows the post office to have plenty of time to deliver the mail.

Voting is important. We are not only voting for the president. We have to make sure that we understand who we are voting for, what they stand for, and how we can vote. Make sure your ballot counts and your voices is heard.

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