Thirty-two Days Until Election Day

Election Day is in thirty-two days, although many across the country are already voting. So why are Americans being subjected to old men screaming at each other for a couple of hours? I don’t feel like we are learning anything useful. And quite frankly the news cycle is being taken over by the latest stupid thing the president said, rather than talking about COVID or The Supreme Court. We already know that the President supports white supremacists. This is not new information.

I wish the debates were two politicians with great messages for the country. I wish we were watching these debates to learn something new. Nobody is watching the debates in 2020 and trying to decide who they are voting for. This may be why the debates are at 9 PM as opposed to 7 PM, because nobody cares. I have a two year old, I am not watching anything on TV that starts that late, I can pick it up on YouTube the next day.

This election is important for us in 2020. Maybe President Trump will be like John Adams, a sore loser who left in the middle of the night before Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration. That would be the best-case scenario. But President Trump’s words have all but guaranteed his lawyers will take the election results to the courts. Luckily there is a Constitutionally mandated time limit for these shenanigans.

It feels as though President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, who considers herself an originalist, may not work out in his favor. Justices may be liberal or conservative, but when something is in the Constitution, such as states control how their elections are run, and the Electoral College, the answers are clear.

If you haven’t, please make sure you are registered to vote, and vote however you are allowed to and are comfortable doing so in your state. My husband and I have already voted because I will be working as a poll worker on Election Day and we do not feel comfortable taking our two year old out to the polls. Make sure your voice is heard and research your down-ticket races.

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