Are the Elections Almost Over?

November 3rd is Election Day. And under most circumstances, we, or those who care to, would be glued to their news outlet of choice after 7 pm waiting to find out who the president would be in January. Will Election Day be the same on November 3rd?

I don’t think so. With each state handling early/mail-in/absentee voting differently, there is no definitive way we will know the voter count Tuesday night. The Supreme Court Ruled that ballots received after the election can be counted in Pennsylvania so who knows how that will be handled nationwide. I can also see a protracted legal battle by one or both of the candidates.

So honestly, I don’t believe we will know who will be president until closer to Thanksgiving. Which will makes holidays more interesting if there are ideological differences in your family. But really don’t be surprised if the presidency or any other elected office isn’t called until after the election is over. The Electoral College votes on December 14th, so we will know then for sure.

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