Kamala Harris as Vice- President is a Cultural Victory

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Kamala Harris will be Vice-President of the United States on January 20th and I am thrilled. I am not only thrilled because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will hopefully turn this country around truly work towards the reforms this country truly needs. I am excited that we will have a female as Vice President. I am not only excited that she is female, but that Kamala Harris is Black and South Asian.

My son is East Asian and White. He will grow up in a world where there was already a Black President, and a Female Black and South Asian President. Hopefully there will be more firsts before he is of voting age, he’s two so we have 16 more years to go.

I wish my son was growing up in a world where it is normal to see someone who looks like him or his cousins or aunties in high government office, but that isn’t true. There are currently no serving Asian governors. There are three Asians currently serving in the US Senate, all women. Although once Kamala Harris is sworn in as Vice President that number will go down to two. There are fourteen Asian members of the US House of Representatives. After January 3rd there will be sixteen.

Kamala Harris, while being smart and capable, is a symbol. I know that is a hard weight to put on anyone’s shoulders. But she is a symbol that women belong in high office, that Black and Asian people belong in high office, and being mixed race is normal.

Thank you Kamala Harris for showing my son society is not going to stop him from following his dreams, no matter what the world tells him. And thank you Kamala Harris for breaking that glass ceiling, and I can’t wait for you to shatter it in a few years if you want to.

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