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The Sexy Politico Podcast Reviews Hood Feminism

Hood Feminism Book

This week’s The Sexy Politico Podcast is my review of Mikki Kendall’s Hood Feminism. Let me know what you think of this type of book review.

I just finished Mikki Kendall’s Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women that the Movement Forgot and I had to talk about it on this week’s The Sexy Politico Podcast.  While this may not be the most concise narrative the book goes through different arenas that black women have to deal with that white middle-class women don’t have to deal with or even think about.  This book is a quick read but it’s an interesting read and one that really made me think. If you are interested in Mikki Kendall’s Book you can find it at any major retailer. Please like and share and let me know what you think of this book.

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