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Millennials vs Gen Z or Not Feeling Like a Real Adult

My Instagram reels have been filled with Millennial moms being upset that Gen Z calls us, and I am a millennial mom, uncool. And here is the truth that non of us millennials want to hear, we are closer to 40 than we think. Millennials are tired that society sometimes forgets that we are older and no longer teenagers. Still, when the actual teenagers call us out for being uncool, we get defensive.

Millennials have dealt with a lot of shit. We grew up with school shootings and 9/11 in middle and high school. That brought about a recession and gas prices that still make me wince to this day. Millennials then graduated college during an economic recession. It has been tough to deal with, and so now, as most millennials are in our 30s. When most of us are starting to feel good about ourselves, these whippersnappers are trying to tell us we are uncool. Shouldn’t we defend ourselves?

No. Every defensive millennial saying I will do what I want with my jeans and hair makes the rest of us look worse. Everyone thinks their parents are uncool. Millennials are not Gen Z’s cool big sibling. Maybe some of us are Millennials have little siblings in Gen Z, but that isn’t my point. My point is that millennials, we all need to grow up.

Millennials created their own shade of pink, which I love btw, and used phrases like “adulting” unironically. We need to grow up to become the people Gen Z should be looking up to, and not worry about our hair parts and jean tightness.

Being upset that our clothes aren’t in style anymore should not be getting our leggings in a bunch. Quite frankly, I have found slouchy sweatpants during the pandemic to be quite comfortable. I will continue to be the badass momma that I am and rock any part I choose and whatever pants make me feel how I want to feel that day because the opinions of teenagers don’t matter to me yet. I have 16 more years to wait for that.

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