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What do you do if You are Upset By a new Piece of Legislation


You’re mad as hell and want to express your displeasure about a law to someone in power. What do you do? This article will give you a list of what you should do if you want to express your displeasure about anything that the government does.

The first thing you need to do is figure out if the law is a state law or a federal law. This article will give you a list of people to contact for each. Still, you need to know if you need to reach out to state government officials or federal government officials.

Local Law

Let us start with a local law. Depending on your state, you may have a local government body that controls local taxes, school policy, or anything that only applies to your city or county. You will need to express your grievance to either your school board or your local council. These boards usually meet monthly, and you can find out their meeting schedule online. We suggest that you email the leader of the committee or board first. You can find their emails on their website. We also recommend that you go to the meeting and bring friends that live nearby and agree with you. If you agree with these boards on a controversial decision, email them and go to the meeting to express support for their decisions. Angry people express their opinions while happy people are usually quiet. To figure out when your school board meets, google “when is my school board meeting” and your school district name. If you are looking for your city council, google “when is my city council meeting” and your city name.

State Law

What about a state law? In every state, there is a state legislature. You will have a local representative who will have an office in your town or county and your state capital. Contact them at their local office first. They have legislative managers or secretaries that will usually answer the phone. All of those messages reach the representative. If you know that your representative is in the capital that week voting, call their office in the capital.

You can also respectfully go to the representative’s office and express your grievance to their director in person. If the representative is free, they may speak directly to you, but don’t count on it. Don’t forget to bring friends that agree with you. Going to your representative’s office expresses more than sending an email. I worked for a state representative. He received hundreds of emails a day. To figure out who your state representative is, google “who is my state representative,” and the response should tell you their office address and telephone number.

When should you contact the governor? When legislation has passed the legislative branch, the governor has not signed the law yet. You can call their office or join the protests. Make sure the governor knows your feelings. You or someone you know is a voter in that state.

Federal Law

What if it is a proposed federal law that you disagree with? You have different people to bother. Everyone has a member of the house of representatives that represents where you live. Call their local, not their DC office. Unless the national news tells you that they are in DC, then call both.

Go to their local office and follow the same script as with your state representative. Bring friends. And do the same thing with your senators. However, your senate representative’s office is probably not local. To find out who your representative is, google “who is my representative in the US House of Representatives” or “who is my senator in the US Senate.”

In this day in age, it feels like we have no power to create change regarding laws we do not like, but we do, especially with local laws. If 200 people show up upset at a school board meeting about something, it makes a powerful statement to the school board. If 30 people go to their state representative, that means something.

The last way to make a substantial change is to run for office yourself. We mean it. If you don’t like the way that the world is, run for office yourself and try to make a change. Start local, run for city council or the school board. Don’t think that change is impossible when you can begin changing your world around you.

If all fails, the guillotine.

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