Election 2022: Reckless vs Feckless

Reckless Republicans have been successful in propagating:

  • The Big Lie, which ultimately resulted in the January Sixth Insurrection
  • Replacement Theory, which has resulted in mass murder;


  • Critical Race Theory which, while it doesn’t exist in K9 12 schools, has been a useful issue in right-wing cultural wars.

Meanwhile, feckless Democrats have failed to take effective action protecting against:

  • The Filibuster, a Jim Crow-era roadblock to progress
  • A politically motivated Supreme Court that has not been checked with reforms to keep it nonpartisan
  • The Electoral College, an undemocratic 18th-century Rube Goldberg devise that allows a political minority to rule.


  • The partisan diminution of voter’s rights.

There has been strong party unity among Republicans who stick to their script. There has been weak party unity among Democrats who just can’t help but fight among themselves.

Expect massive negative campaigning by Republicans this fall to further reduce Democratic turnout. If the Republicans take the House and maybe the Senate, remember the old saying that ‘In a democracy, the people usually get what they deserve’… especially when they don’t fight back in an effective manner. The barbarians are at the gate.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to DonkeyHotey for the image.

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