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King Charles III and Politics

There is longevity in King Charle’s immediate bloodline. His parents lived into their nineties. He could be King of England for a long time. As heir to the throne, King Charles has expressed his political leanings on several occasions.


King Charles has opposed the United Kingdom sending Rwandan asylum-seekers back to Rwanda. King Charles referred to sending those fleeing possible genocide back as ‘appalling.’

Recognizing the impact of slavery

King Charles has said,

“I cannot describe the depths of my personal sorrow at the suffering of so many, as I continue to deepen my own understanding of slavery’s enduring impact. “

King Charles III

He said that England must

“find new ways to acknowledge our past. Quite simply, this is a conversation whose time has come. Your Excellencies, conversations start with listening.”

King Charles III

Climate change and sustainability

Charles has encouraged businesses to address climate change through his Sustainable Markets Initiative. He has sympathy for young activists frustrated at the lack of progress in mitigating climate change.

Issues facing the next generation

On United Nations International Youth Day, King Charles called on all to

“… reflect on the impact that recent years have had on the younger generation.””…having endured vastly challenging events in recent years, from the impact of a public health crisis and now a cost of living challenge, to the threat of climate change, there has been much to erode the hope of the younger generation.”

King Charles III

While King Charles the Third will be expected to simply keep his personal politics out of his duties, followers of The Sexy Politico know that “Everything is political and nothing is simple.”


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