Gun Control

What’s The Plan, Republicans?

Republicans refuse to address firearms crimes by banning assault weapons or enacting other firearms crime mitigation efforts. Since common sense firearms safety laws will not happen when the Republicans take power in the House, Democrats need to work with Republicans on solutions identified by Republicans. Something is better than nothing.

Republicans blame mental illness and the lack of security measures for firearms tragedies. Democrats need to hold Republicans to their standards now that the GOP has taken control of the House of Representatives. Mental illness? Okay. What is the Republican plan to address mental health issues, from mass murders to veteran suicides? What will be the cost of such a plan? How do Republicans plan to pay for the massive mental health services and interventions needed? Be specific as to the plan, the cost, and revenue source.

School security? Okay. What is the Republican plan to secure every door and window in every school from pre-k to grad school in every public school in the United States of America? What will be the cost of those massive infrastructure fortifications? Want guards at every door? Okay. Let’s hear the staffing plan. What’s the cost? How are Republicans going to pay for all of this? Will taxes on firearms and ammunition fund Republican solutions to firearms crimes? No? Okay, identify the revenue sources used to pay for Republican solutions.

Republicans are about to discover that solving problems is far more difficult than merely complaining about problems.

Thanks, and a tip of the hat to Wikipedia for the image.

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