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The Sexy Politico interviewed author of “Strong Like Her” Haley Shapley about Women in Sports

Welcome to the Sexy Politico podcast. In this episode, we sit down with Haley Shapley, the author of “Strong Like Her,” a book that explores the untold history of women’s strength.

Haley shares with us her insights into the historical and cultural factors that have led to the portrayal of women as weak and fragile. She also delves into the inspiring stories of female athletes and trailblazers who have shattered these stereotypes and challenged societal norms.

Through her engaging storytelling and deep research, Haley provides a fresh perspective on the importance of women’s strength and the ways in which it has shaped our world.

Join us as we dive into this fascinating conversation with Haley Shapley, and discover the power of women’s strength in politics and beyond. Tune in to the Sexy Politico podcast for this and more thought-provoking discussions.

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