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Tamara Young of The Recovering Liberal Podcast and I Agree on How to Make DC Better

Welcome to The Sexy Politico podcast! In this episode, we sit down with Tamara Young, the host of The Recovering Liberal Podcast, to discuss her views on politics and the current state of the world.

Tamara shares her journey as a recovering liberal and how her perspectives on politics have evolved over the years. We dive into topics such as cancel culture, free speech, and the importance of open dialogue in today’s society.

Tamara also provides valuable insights into the role of the media in shaping public opinion and how we can be more mindful of our sources of information.

If you’re interested in politics and current events, this episode is a must-listen. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Sexy Politico podcast for more thought-provoking interviews and discussions.

If you would like more information about Tamara check her out here: https://www.youtube.com/@recoveringliberal/about

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