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The Sexy Politico is actively looking to expand its masthead. Now is an exciting time to become a part of our platform as we alter the way conversations are started and sustained.

We are a young, spunky media company founded to take control of the conversation–and the Web itself–back from the major players. We strongly believe that each individual Voice, informed by life experiences, education, and background, deserves to be heard. We strive to highlight that the issues that matter to us right here, right now, are complex things. Nothing can ever be distilled to pure black & white nor Red & Blue: life is many shades of grey & Purple.
Whether you’ve worked a beat before and know how to write a perfect lede & nut graff or have zero prior experience, we want to hear from you! Send us a writing sample of a minimum of 300 words to or in the contact form below to get the process started! Your writing sample can be something you’ve already published, a blog post, a piece of academic writing, or the draft of your very first The Sexy Politico article.

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