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Global Earth Day

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Today is April 22nd, and other than being my friend Corine’s birthday it is also Global Earth Day.  Anyone in the United States who grew up in the 1990s remembers Earth Day activities in their school.  We were coloring eggs and being told that this is the earth, and that when we eventually broke our egg, because we were first graders, that was us destroying the Earth with pollution.  Or was this just my elementary school?  Being a teacher in Eastern Europe I have seen Earth Day activities here on a regular basis.  So it really is a global event.  Here is my question, is Earth Day just a show, or is it really doing something?

Now we have all heard the “Go Green” statement all over the radio, news, internet, and from annoying overly political  celebrities.  But does it help when the political climate doesn’t allow for politicians to strictly enforce environmentally friendly policies?  When the economy doesn’t allow for businesses to afford to pay the higher cost upfront for energy efficient things that will save them money, normally, in the long run, and when the American culture still likes bigger and larger things how does the idea of going green help?  I am glad to see that the hummer craze has died down, but I think the cost of gas has caused that more than a fundamental shift in the cultural paradigm.  We are told that we could do X,Y, and Z to help the environment, but the majority of people once they become adults and have the ability to make these sorts of decision are too lazy.  Or maybe the group of people currently in power who didn’t grow up with Earth Day and made to feel horrible in first grade, when his or her egg broke jumping rope.

Can Environmentalists Ever Get it Right

Monday, November 15th, 2010

First florecent light bulbs contain murcury, not the latest news on the latest enviromental trend.  As we all know American grocery stores in the last couple of years have began selling reusable grocery bags.  To help those people who want to lessen their carbon imprint and not use as many plastic, or paper bags.  According to the front page of, studies have now shown the reusable bags used at some chain stores, mostly coming from China, in New York contain potentially dangerous levels of lead, that can seep into the food, and when eventually thrown away could seep into the ground water. This is not the want or the intention of environmentalists at all.  Now I repeat not all reusable bags are offenders, containing lead.  The one’s made in China are, and the study has only been done at New York stores, but the implication of a nation wide recall is there.  Many are not alarmed.  environmentalists see the reusable bag movement as a stepping stone to more environmental friendly ways of dealing with the weekly trip to the grocery store.