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Your 2012 Republican Candidates… Buddy Roemer

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

To my readers I am sorry this is late.  I have been stressed and ill the last two weeks.

Buddy Roemer used to be a mover and shaker in Washington DC.  He was a member of the House of Representatives from 1981-1988 for Louisiana‘s fourth district.  He left to run for governor of Louisiana, and was governor from 1988-1992.  Roemer did something surprising though, March 11,1991 Roemer switched parties and became a Republican.  This switch dismayed many voters.  He attempted to run again for governor in 1995, but lost.  Since this Roemer has spent most of his time in the financial world and living a private life.  Most of what I have read about him seems surprised that he has decided to run for president.  It’s hard pressed to find much said about Roemer, or even his platform other than he is for campaign finance reform, and plans to limit campaign contributions to $100 per person.

Roemer’s website is the best place to find information about him.  His website is clean and well organized and has a section called “ask Buddy” where it looks as though my Roemer answers questions to the American people himself.  I find his views to actually be very ballanced.  He’s pro-life, for clean air and water, closing tax loop holes, and bringing industry back to America.  Honestly this candidate isn’t discussed much in the press but he’s one to really take a look at.  In this time in history a practical president may be one we need.

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I know this Subject is Annoying

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Now let me state this, I am prolife, but not in the same way that most are.  I do not believe that a government has a right to tell a person how to treat their body.  What I think is that society must change around the government.  Society must be the ones to change this open attitude about sex and about abortion, and yes even put a stigma on it.  I know that sounds cold, but the way this battle is occurring in the media is crude and wrong.  Republicans a putting blatant lies and pro- life supporters are holding sting operations to destroy Planned Parenthood.  Don’t get me wrong, abortion is an evil thing, but cancer screening for low-income women isn’t.  Teaching women and men about safer sex practices isn’t evil.  Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, but if we didn’t live in a society that was so permissive about abortion, Planned Parenthood would be seen as a good thing that helps the poor and prevents cancer.  How do we deal with this dichotomy?  Education, self-esteem, and teaching girls that they are worth waiting for.  If we moved our society back to a place where saving yourself for marriage ment something, the number of abortions would then go down to those that are what some doctors say are “medically necessary.”  Rather than fighting a moral battle in the State Houses and Legislatures we need to fight this battle in the church, home and school.


Pro Life fustrations

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

I come to this post kind of in a state of shock and awe and a little bit of disbelief in the state of the world.  We live in a world that nobody could have dreamed of and yet none of us are happy.  The question is should we be happy at where we are.  If our parent’s generation had been happy would we have had the leaps and bounds in technology, philosophy, and Starbucks?  I think not.  Just because something is better than it was in the previous generation doesn’t mean that we have to keep it that way.  I know I am going to hit a controversial subject but I don’t care.  I consider myself a feminist.  I consider myself a feminist because i believe a woman has the right to choose to be whatever she wants to be:  wife, mother, cook, teacher, President of the United States, or Miss America.  I seriously go back and forth on the issue of abortion.  I do not believe in abortion, I would never have an abortion, and that is my bottom line.  The question is does the government have the right to choose for a woman what she can and cannot do with her body?  I believe no.  I believe abortion is horrible, but I don’t think it’s a government’s place to intervene.  I believe the way to change a culture is not with legislation, but with a movement, a movement of the soul.  The problem with most pro-life people today is that their speech is so negative, so disheartening, all it does is offend people: don’t get me wrong the pro-choice people are just as bad.  Abortion creates a culture that forces women to feel as though she has to live on a masculine timetable of when a child is covenant, and teaches men that it’s the woman’s responsibility to deal with all the consequences of premarital sex, “why should I have to deal with it when she can just get an abortion.”  The truth is it is not the place of the government to make this act illegal.  It is  the place of the church and family to teach men and women good morals and values and bring abortion to an end the old fashion way, by not having them.


I seriously Don’t Understand Politicians

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011
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Ok I get it, Obama was pushing his own agenda with healthcare reform and more social reform than the people were looking for and the Republicans took a major victory in the midterm election.  Now it looks to me that the Republicans are doing the same darn thing now that they are in power.  According to the New York Times published yesterday, and here is the link , with this new surge in Republican power state lawmakers are looking to pass restrictions and bans on abortion.  Now anybody who reads this blog knows my opinion on abortion, and that would go on another post, but my real question is , what about jobs?  The thing that people really care about, job creation, and stimulating the economy.  Now most polls indicate an increased consumer confidence at the moment but still as Bill Clinton said during his first run for office, “it’s the economy stupid.”  It seems to me we will have a repeat of the 1996 election and hopefully the same economy that Clinton left us with, but not the philandering or the threat of Osama again.  Who knows, but I’m just saying that seriously law makers need to remember that they are elected for the people and not their party agenda.


A Modern Woman’s case Against Abortion

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

So an old friend of mine and I were having a lively discussion about abortion.  And this friend of mine is PRO LIFE, I capitalize this because this person gives no leeway for rape, incest or the life of the mother:  God‘s will is God’s will.  I hope that abortion ends, not because I want Rowe v Wade overturned but because I hope the need for abortion ends.  I have always seen that taking that choice away from women would relegate us back to second class citizens who’s only role in society would be that of child bearer.  Then I began listening to his argument about how a lot of these procedures really do endanger women, and that the pill makes women more of a sexual object because we can be more sexual without fear of consequences to the man.

I then found this article, here’s the link and it has a very candid discussion about both sides of this feminist argument.  Taking out the moral implications of the fetus, whether it is alive or not, it seems to be that abortion, and the pill, and all that really does seem to serve a patriarchal society.  For a woman to compete in the workforce she cannot have children.  Companies put up this glass ceiling for women with children.  That’s why the pill seems so liberating, because a woman can wait to have children, and have a career.  But here’s the thing, when she is at the high place there is no room for her to take sick days for her child.  The man’s expectations about work still applies.  And with sex, children are seen as inconveniences to the man, that they aren’t ready for them, so women take these pills to not inconvenience the man.  It seems to me that the society we live in today takes away the one thing that makes women special and relegates it to “an accident” or a “mistake,” and that’s childbirth.  Women should be fighting together to help our situation in the workforce, open up doors for mother’s and wives and fighting through that glass ceiling as opposed to our great gift to this earth being labeled an accident.