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Lemonade Well Done — An Album Review

Beyonce, looking fabulous as always.

Freshly squeezed Beyoncé Lemonade.

Pure raw emotion, that’s what describes Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Sitting atop her throne, the certified Queen of Pop and legendary performer, Beyoncé, proves that she’s more than just her dancing and singing. She’s a visual artist with soul, too.
It takes a ton of vulnerability to tell that story like she did. She carefully composed each scene and lyric to bring the full height of her emotion to display. She had a goal in mind and that was to portray an experience many women have gone through, and each detail carefully depicts what she was trying to convey.

Did Jay-Z cheat on her? Perhaps, but the world would probably never know as she’s a woman of mystery, implying with suggestions but never a definite answer. That said, her visual album of coordinated music videos does speak of a married woman cheated on by her husband. The emotional turmoil she feels for being betrayed and not good enough culminates by breaking a generational curse when she sticks by her man despite his mistakes rather than leaving.
It takes true courage and vulnerability to be as big an icon as she is and come out with such strong lyrics and emotions that will leave the world speculating. True or not, Beyoncé’s name is buzzing and rumors are being thrown around. No matter how famous a celebrity becomes, they are still human and they are sensitive to what is being said about them.

Saarah Ghazi’s review of Lemonade tackles the public’s reaction to Beyoncé’s suggestive lyrics.

I applaud Beyoncé for being so transparent in feelings many woman feel while sending a very strong message that true love should not be given up on. Mistakes do happen but there’s a process to healing, a process that involves many different steps, ones which she listed between each video (denial, anger, redemption, resurrection etc).
It’s clear she’s very proud of the woman she is and the heritage that shaped her worldview. This is important since unfortunate events of African American killings by police officers have become more apparent. So not only does she highlight what could be her own tragedies, she highlights the tragedies in her race and the marginalization experienced by black women.
Simply put, when the world hands you lemons, make lemonade. You do not have to be a product of your circumstances… Break the curse.

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