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Zeycan is a world citizen and a thinker. With her unique background of African American and Turkish heritage attending international schools all her life, she likes to believe this has offered her unique perspectives on different topics of the world, being able to see things from different angles. She is a lover of people and likes to spend her time researching global injustices and then spreading awareness with her platform when she can. As a former beauty pageant girl, Zeycan enjoys the glitz and glam and using it for a greater good. While her degrees are in Business Marketing and Merchandising Product Development (Fashion), her goal has always been to widen her platform to discuss violence against women. While her Miss Universe dreams did not pan out as she hoped, she's still able to work in non-profit sector as she runs her family's corporate foundation in Turkey mostly focusing on social welfare activities for the youth and education development. Her biggest goal in life is to inspire the philanthropist in all by showing that being kind and caring costs virtually nothing. When Zeycan isn't focusing on her role as an Executive Director or spreading awareness/sharing her life experiences, she is traveling or watching sports. As an avid sports fan, Zeycan is serious about her Atlanta Falcons, Portland Trailblazers and family's soccer team, Samsunspor.

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