Is Hillary too Cocky?

Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republican party.  I hate typing that but it’s true.  Now Hillary Clinton has been the assumed Democratic party nominee for months, and as we get to the end of the primary schedule, the media STILL treats a Hillary win as a foregone conclusion.  But is it?

At the time of this article’s publication. Hillary has 1,716 pledged delegates (from voters) and 524 superdelegates.  Bernie has 1,433 pledged delegates and 40 superdelegates.

There are still 9 more primaries:

May 17th

Kentucky – 55 delegates

Oregon – 61 delegates

June 7th

California – 475 delegates

North Dakota – 18 delegates

Montana – 21 delegates

New Jersey – 126 delegates

New Mexico – 31 delegates

South Dakota – 20 delegates

June 14th

Washington DC – 20 delegates

We have to remember those super-delegates can cast their vote for whomever he or she chooses.  If the American people choose Bernie Sanders, I would find it hard to believe that these superdelegates would choose Hillary, just because they signed a pledge before. There has yet to be a Democratic primary where the superdelegates have swayed the election.  I wonder what would happen if Bernie wins California?

Hillary is now running two campaigns since she sees her nomination as inevitable, but is that smart?  I know that “The Donald” has a head start in the general election, but he also has a head start in saying something stupid, overspending, and in general alienating moderate voters, whom I believe is going to be the linchpin of this general election.

The Democratic Party already has a message, already has a social conscience, and is ready to move forward.  While Hillary and Bernie have different ways of doing this, their ideas are still similar, the party can and will rally behind either candidate.

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