But Will They Vote?

Dateline South Bend Indiana.

From fundraising to get-out-the-vote operations to well thought out policy positions, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is running an almost perfect campaign.

Buttigieg at thirty-seven years old is the youngest major candidate in the presidential race.

He points out that it is his generation that was raised in the school shooting era. Buttigieg’s generation will feel the effects of climate change. They will pay the price for today’s crushing debt.

Buttigieg makes a compelling case for younger voters to turn out in mass in next year’s election.

But will they?

The same could be asked of other critical voter blocs.

Female, black, Hispanic, and young voters will have to form a coalition and support a coalition consensus candidate.

If it appears that these citizens will not turn out in larger numbers than in the recent past, candidates will adjust their campaign strategies.

The 2020 election holds the possibility of real progress on critical issues such as climate change, firearms violence, immigration, health care, and economic equity.

If members of critical voter blocs do not turn out in numbers needed to win, candidates will adjust their electoral strategies… and the chance for real progress may be lost.

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