Democratic Candidate’s Positions on Gun Control (Inslee, Klobauchar, Messam, Moulton)

The Sexy Politico knows that there are some issues that are more important to voters than others. Gun control is important to me and that is why I am starting here. What topic would you like me to look into? Let me know in the comments here on on our twitter or Facebook pages.

Jay Inslee: Inslee is the current Governor of Washington state and a former member of the House of Representatives (1999-2012). He was also a member of the Washington State House of Representatives (1993-1995)

  • Inslee lost his seat in the Washington State House of Representatives by voting for a ban on assault weapons in 1994
  • As governor Washington state has closed background check loopholes, banned bump stock, and approved protective orders to keep guns away from people in crisis.
  • says gun violence is a public health crisis
  • Voted No on preventing product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers.
  • Voted no on lowering the waiting period from three days to one.
  • Rated “F” by the NRA

Amy Klobauchar: Klobauchar is the first female Senator elected from the state of Minnesota. She was first elected in 2007 and was last re-elected in 2018.

  • Believes common sense gun control has wide support. That banning assault weapons wouldn’t effed “Uncle Dick in the deer stand.”
  • Believes in enhanced background checks
  • Has said she would do nothing that would hurt hunting
  • Was in favor of extending the ban on assault weapons
  • Voted yes on banning high capacity magazines over ten bullets
  • Voted yes on allowing weapons in checked baggage on Amtrak trains
  • Supports banning large capacity ammunition

Wayne Messam: Messam is the current Mayor of Miramar, Flordia. He was first elected in 2015.

  • Messam and other mayors sued the state of Florida about a 2011 amendment to a 1987 that gives the state of Florida, and not local municipalities control over gun laws. This 2011 amendment fines officials that try to pass local gun control measures $5,000 and possible removal from office.

Seth Moulton: Moulton is a current member of the US House of Representatives serving the state of Massachusetts since 2015.

  • For universal background checks
  • For banning bump stock
  • For preventing terrorists from obtaining guns
  • Supports restrictions to the right to bare arms.

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