Gun Control

Put a Human Face on it

“The Second Amendment is not about hunting,” NRA Maryland liaison Shannon Alford said to USA Today in 2018 “It is not about competitive shooting. The Second Amendment is about self-defence. It’s about being able to stop people who would do you harm, whether that’s a criminal or the government.”

Taking up arms against our government is not an abstract proposition.

Real people would be killed.

So who- specifically- from the government would be shot?

Your neighbourhood police officer?

The local high school graduate who joined the Marines?

EMT’s and firefighters?

Life in the United States is not a dystopian movie, video game, or comic book.

In a battle against our own government real people would be killed.
Real families would grieve.

Some of them would be your neighbours.

So while revelling in a dystopian fever dream about a tyrannical government be sure to match real human faces to hypothetical oppressors that would be shot: the police and military who protect us every day.

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