Is Andrew Yang Being Ignored

Are you a member of the #YangGang? Honestly, for a long time, I assumed that Andrew Yang was one of those candidates that would drop by the weigh side early. He was just a rich businessman who was looking for a high profile way to get his message across.

But it is September and Andrew Yang is in the top 10 (with their being 20 candidates at the time of writing) and officially polling at 2%. But while Yang is a top tier candidate he has seemingly been ignored by the media. Why?

I think it’s because Yang is a complete outsider, he’s a businessman, who has never had political aspirations before. He may have ideas that may seem out there to some people, he doesn’t have controversial or cruel ideas. Andrew Yang is a guy, who made a lot of money as a businessman and wants to do some good for the country.

Would it make more sense for Yang to first run for the House or Senate first, maybe, since it would give him a better idea of how these Legislative chambers run. But that is my personal opinion though.

I think the real reason that more isn’t written about Andrew Yang is that he doesn’t draw clicks. Media is run on advertising, and Yang, while holding steady, isn’t generating the media clicks that other candidates do. Yang needs to up his media game, spread out more information on social media. The #YangGang are doing a good job so far, but sadly Yang needs to get his name on TV and in more traditional media as well, because if we can’t get millennials to vote in this primary Andrew Yang’s presidency in 2020 is a lost cause.

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