Is Impeachment going to Give the Democratic Nomination to Joe Biden

I am keeping up with the ongoing Impeachment Debate today but honestly rather than thinking about Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) comparing President Trump’s Impeachment to Jesus facing Pontus Pilate, I am thinking about the future, the 2020 Election.

There are multiple Democratic Senators running for president. The month of January is usually spent campaigning hard before primaries begin in early February. The Iowa Caucus is February the 3rd and the New Hampshire Primary is February the 11th. If we use the Clinton Impeachment as a historical precedent that trial lasted six weeks, so Sanders and Warren will be off the campaign trail until after the Iowa Caucus, if the trial lasts that long. The Senate will be in session six days a week until the trial concludes.

What could this do to the election? It could cause Biden’s lead to grow exponentially. It also could leave open for other candidates to gain in the polls since the candidate will not be able to campaign. Biden is currently leading in the polls by 7 points. Impeaching the president during an election year is historically unprecedented, so we will see.

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