Is Kanye West actually Running for President?

Is Kanye West running for president? On July 4 West tweeted this, and his Wife Kim Kardashian West and Elon Musk both tweeted their support quickly after. My question is, in this late stage of the election, could I see Kanye West’s name on my ballot.

As of the time this article’s writing Kanye West has not filed his intention to run with the Federal Election Committee. West also does not seem to be aligning himself with any major party. West is a known Donald Trump supporter, but I don’t know if that means he is a Republican.

So at this moment, no Kanye West is not legally or officially running for president.

But let’s have a thought expirement that West files with the FEC on Monday morning and is off and running. What does he need to do to show up on my ballot?

All fifty states have different rules for how to get on the ballot. Since we are also assuming that West is not running as a major party candidate he would need to have people from each state sign petitions to allow him on the ballot.

In the state I live in a major party candidate needs 3,200 signatures to get on the ballot for president. An independent candidate needs 10,000 signatures and must have them turned in my August 3, 2020. So Kanye has less than a month to get a lot of work done to get on my ballot.

What I am saying is this, Kanye is not running for president in 2020. He does not have the time to get on even half of the state’s ballots, and the idea of a write in campaign for president is a joke. I am sorry/not sorry to say we will not be seeing president Kanye in 2020.

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