Donald Trump’s Front Porch Campaign

Joe Biden’s Front Porch Campaign‘ looked at the necessity of the Biden campaign keeping all participants safe during the pandemic. The semi-quarantining of Biden has allowed the campaign to tightly control messaging, and the Biden team has made the best of a difficult situation.

President Trump is trailing in the polls and struggling to find a message that resonates against Biden. The president’s rash statements, both past and present, keep him on defense.

Politico reported that President Trump, true to belligerent form, has tried to bully mega-donor Sheldon Adelson into donating even more money to the campaign. Other donors seem to be abandoning the Trump campaign in favor of holding the Senate. The New York Times is now reporting that the campaign is experiencing a ‘cash crunch’, causing the Trump team to spend less on media advertising. The president may have to reach into his own pocket to fund his floundering re-election effort.

The pandemic has hampered Trump’s large arena live events. Turnout at some events has been embarrassing low. The pandemic has taken its toll on rally participants, most notably the death of former Republican presidential contender Herman Cain. Any lift that Trump gets out of a live rally will be undone by the inevitable follow up report of Covid-19 infections related to that rally.

Now desperation is causing President Trump is conducting a variation of a front porch campaign. Out of political necessity, Trump has been forced to use the trappings of office as backdrop for his campaigning.

According to the Los Angeles Times, President Trump has been using formal White House events for partisan political attacks, blurring the line between governing and campaigning. Formal governmental events give the president at least a small captive audience and assure him of at least minimal press coverage.

Joe Biden has been waging a front porch campaign out of concern for health and safety during the pandemic. President Trump is waging a White House version of a front porch campaign due to the self-inflicted wounds of his own recklessness.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to DonkeyHotey for the image. See more of DonkeyHotey’s art at https://www.flickr.com/photos/47422005@N04/.

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