Kathleen Stuart of The Stewart Collective: Business, Politics, and Candidate Recruitment

In the latest episode of “The Sexy Politico,” Jackie delves into the fascinating world of business, politics, and candidate recruitment with the remarkable Kathleen Stuart, founder of The Stewart Collective.

Kathleen Stuart is not your average entrepreneur or political enthusiast. With a proven track record of success in both the business and political arenas, she brings a unique perspective to the table. Tune in as we discuss The Stewart Collective—a consultancy dedicated to finding and nurturing the next generation of political leaders.

In this captivating conversation, we uncover the secrets to identifying and retaining promising candidates in the ever-evolving landscape of politics. Kathleen shares her insights on the qualities that make a candidate stand out, the challenges they face in today’s political climate, and the strategies her team employs to support and empower these aspiring leaders. We both share personal stories from the campaign trail.

Whether or not you’re a seasoned political aficionado. Kathleen Stuart’s wisdom and passion for creating positive change will motivate you to engage with the political sphere in a whole new way.

Join us as we navigate the intriguing world of politics, business, and candidate recruitment in this episode of “The Sexy Politico.”

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