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NBA breaks the ‘Net

Basketball news broke the Internet with multiple players signing new contracts. For NBA fans, it’s been an exciting or rather devastating week.

While the NBA has millions of fans worldwide and is one of the most watched sources of entertainment, is the salary given to players worth it?

Kevin Love signed a $100 million contract with the Cavaliers and Damian Lillard one for $120 million for the Portland Trailblazers. If you think that’s crazy, 22 year old Anthony Davis just signed a $142 million contract for 5 years. That’s almost 30 million a year to shoot balls into a basket.

Some believe it’s unfair that great talent in sports can lead to millions and millions without a brain. They make far more than CEOs of Fortune 500 companies without needing a strong education. While all work is hard and requires sacrifice, are contracts such as Anthony Davis’ ridiculous and unfair (even though the sales and television views can support it)? Which jobs would be worth a salary of 30+ million a year?

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