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Election Year Smoke Screen

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I am getting tired and frustrated with this election year.  Birth Control has become a major hot button issue due to Obama‘s health person, I know she has a title  but I don’t feel like looking it up, requiring religious institutions that have multi-faith employees to provide insurance for birth control, and then Obama creating a loop-hole for it.  This thing has turned the entire country against women who choose to control when they get pregnant.  It seems to me that these Republican men mostly, are making all these women out to be sluts, who can’t keep their legs together.  Quite frankly you should be asking who they are screwing, because it takes two to tango. Now we can get into the fact that birth control helps with many other illnesses, and not just for pregnancy prevention, but that’s not the point.  The point is that women are being singled out in this debate as being something dirty and bad, because they are sexually active.  I find that appalling.  I thought the birth control debate in government was over in the 1970s.  Now the state of Arizona is trying to pass a law that allows employers to not cover birth control unless it is proven, with documentation, that it’s for a medical reason, and allows employers to fire women who choose to take the pill for pregnancy prevention.  This is an outrage, an absolute outrage.  The blatant attack on privacy is an outrage, we have a right to not have to share our medical histories with our employers, unless it interferes with the job, and birth control interferes with no job.  I am outraged that election year politics have turned into a moral fight against women and their right to a private life.

John Edwards, Criminal or Idiot

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

John Edwards, if you don’t remember him this is the Democratic Candidate who while running for office was shown to have a pregnant mistress.  Apparently in 2007 he asked for hush money from 2 wealthy donors Fred Mellon and Rachael Mellon.  He asked for them to give his pregnant mistress hush money so that she wouldn’t reveal to the public that she was pregnant with his child and keep his image as a good family man.  John Edwards has been arrested and charged with campaign finance crimes.  Basically, just so I don’t have to write so much, there are very strict laws about how a candidate for any public office in america is allowed to receive money for his campaign, and how they are allowed to spend it.  This case isn’t  open and shut however because there are two basic questions.  One, was the money Edwards asked for his campaign, to keep up his image,  or was the money to help his marriage and to keep it in tact.  If the money was for his campaign, and to maintain his image then yes he broke the law, but if the money was to save his marriage then he broke no laws.  I repeat rich people can give other people money for personal matters whenever they want.  Here’s the other question, can he be prosecuted.  Edwards has already stated that he won’t take a plea deal, so this is going to trial.  Edwards reputation was heavily tarnished due to this incident, can he receive a fair trial?  Honestly, I think Edwards was criminally stupid.  He asked for that money to hide his affair, so he would get elected.  And with the backlash of Arnold Schwarzenegger hiding his affair, Edwards will get no sympathy in the public eye.


A Modern Woman’s case Against Abortion

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

So an old friend of mine and I were having a lively discussion about abortion.  And this friend of mine is PRO LIFE, I capitalize this because this person gives no leeway for rape, incest or the life of the mother:  God‘s will is God’s will.  I hope that abortion ends, not because I want Rowe v Wade overturned but because I hope the need for abortion ends.  I have always seen that taking that choice away from women would relegate us back to second class citizens who’s only role in society would be that of child bearer.  Then I began listening to his argument about how a lot of these procedures really do endanger women, and that the pill makes women more of a sexual object because we can be more sexual without fear of consequences to the man.

I then found this article, here’s the link and it has a very candid discussion about both sides of this feminist argument.  Taking out the moral implications of the fetus, whether it is alive or not, it seems to be that abortion, and the pill, and all that really does seem to serve a patriarchal society.  For a woman to compete in the workforce she cannot have children.  Companies put up this glass ceiling for women with children.  That’s why the pill seems so liberating, because a woman can wait to have children, and have a career.  But here’s the thing, when she is at the high place there is no room for her to take sick days for her child.  The man’s expectations about work still applies.  And with sex, children are seen as inconveniences to the man, that they aren’t ready for them, so women take these pills to not inconvenience the man.  It seems to me that the society we live in today takes away the one thing that makes women special and relegates it to “an accident” or a “mistake,” and that’s childbirth.  Women should be fighting together to help our situation in the workforce, open up doors for mother’s and wives and fighting through that glass ceiling as opposed to our great gift to this earth being labeled an accident.